In Memoriam : George Standley

George Standley George H. Standley - age: 83
(December 10, 1928 to May 20, 2012 )
Resident of Ukiah, California

George H. Standley

George H. Standley passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, May 20, 2012 at the age of 83. George was born in Scotia, CA on December 10, 1928, to Hugh and Adeline Standley. He was an only child, adescendant of the pioneer Standley family, and a descendant of Jeremiah “Doc” Standley, the fabled lawman.

George’s father died in an automobile accident when George was just 18 months old. He was raised by his grandparents in Scotia, and when they died, George joined the US Army at age 17. George quickly decided to become a paratrooper when he found out that soldiers who were willing to jump out of planes made an extra 30.00 per month, and got first dibs in the mess hall.

George was married 4 times. He and his first wife, Mary, gave birth to a son, David Standley. When George married his second wife, Billie, they had two children, Harry and Marylou. George met his third wife, Wilma Hass, one day in Philo, CA. When the couple married, George became dad to 6 year old Connie Hass. Wilma and George were married for 25 years, until 1988, when the love of his life died of cancer. George was a bachelor until 1991, when he courted and married Donna Williams. They were happily married for the past twenty years, and now Donna has lost the love of her life. Donna was credited with getting George on a healthy diet – a trait he both admired and ignored.

George worked in the trucking industry for most of his adult life. He drove trucks locally and did long hauls across the country in his early years of driving. George had many friends in the trucking business, and enjoyed swapping stories at company barbecues and reunions. After George retired in 2003, he continued to drive a water truck for Greg Simpson for the summer season. George loved “the road and the ride.”

George also loved the outdoors, and spent most of his life camping, fishing and hunting. George went snow skiing for the first time at age 63. He surprised his wife, Donna, by zipping past her at full speed, heading straight down the slope. George was fearless – an old school type who work hard, took pride in helping others and embraced his responsibilities.

George’s favorite activity in retirement was to plant a big garden every Spring. He liked the daily routine of watering, pulling weeds, and bringing Donna fresh vegetables for the dinner table. It was in the garden, that he took his last breath. On May 20, George was planting potatoes, when he was struck by a massive heart attack. His loyal canine companion, Sammy, was running around the yard when Donna found George. They shall be forever saddened by the loss of this wonderful man.

George loved his family. He leaves behind, his wife, Donna, his children, David Standley, Harry Standley, Mary Moore and Connie Wemple and her husband, Dan. He is also survived by 4 step children, Mike Williams, DeAnn Vau, Susie Hadel and Andy Williams. George has 17 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren – with another on the way. George’s family invites all of his friends to a celebration of his life on June 9, 2012, from 2 – 5pm at 1361 W. Clay Street in Ukiah.