In Memoriam : Frank Williams

Frank Williams - age: 76
(November 14, 1938 to June 01, 2015 )
Resident of Willits, California

Frank Williams, Little Grandpa, age 76 of Willits, CA passed away June 2, 2015 at St. Helena Hospital, Napa Valley CA, due to complications from surgery.
Frank is survived by his five sons: John Williams, Phillip Williams, Glen Williams, Eric Williams, and Eliot Williams; and his five grandchildren: Samantha Williams, Lauren Williams, Ryan Williams, Nathan Williams and Sean Williams. He joins his sister in Heaven where they will no doubt read books together.
On November 14th 1938, Frank came into the world in Portland, ME. Frank ended up living all over the world and country: finding himself in Las Vegas for a time, and, more recently, California. Despite the difference in climate, California suited Frank nicely. He enjoyed being outdoors soaking up the sun. He enjoyed walking, exploring, reading, and watching movies. Most of all, he liked talking to his family, scattered across the country. His humor was unmatched; somehow, he could make light of any situation and cause one to crack a smile.
Frank knew how to do just about anything. You could not find a handier individual. He loved projects and never backed down from learning how to do something. One summer, he spent time sanding and painting one of his son’s decks. After a long day in the sun, Frank laid in front of the T.V., eyes closed. But, he wasn’t sleeping! Dare to turn the channel and Frank would say, “Hey, I’m watching that.”
Frank will no doubt be missed by his entire family. Rarely is such a man awarded to any family, but the Williams family is lucky for the memories and the essence Frank imparted to them. “We shall find peace. We shall hear angels, we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.” –Anton Chekhov
Eversole Mortuary is in charge of arrangements.